45 Salle Auriol Seattle members participated at Summer Nationals in St. Louis.  We earned 5 medals including 2 golds.  There were 6 top 16 finishes and 4 people qualified for Veteran World Team.  Thank you to all who represented Salle Auriol!

Veteran World Team:
SAS had 4 fencers qualify to represent the U.S. at the Veteran World Championships.  The championships will be held October 8-14 in Livorno, Italy.

Jan Patterson - Vet 70 MF, won gold at all 3 qualifying tournaments this season repeating his success from last season.  Jan has been on 13 world teams.
Bonnie Aher - Vet 70 WE, also won gold at all 3 events this season and qualifyed for her 7th world team.
John Varney - Vet 50 ME, won gold at the December NAC and will be representing the U.S. at worlds for the second time.
Monica Exum - Vet 50 WE, took silver in the December NAC and the April NAC.  This is the first time Monica has qualified for Veteran World Championships.

Top 16 finishes:
Shyamala Nanton - 9th, Vet 50 WE
Doug Powers - 10th, Vet 50 MF
Mitchell Lane - 11th, Div 3 MF
Carolina Nobrega - 11th, Div 3 WS
Mack Luebbe - 14th, Y14 MS
Ted Koehn - 15th, Vet 40 MF

SAS participants:
Bonnie Aher
Pablo Amezquita
Theo Berk
Anderson Bull
Victoria Burchett
Davis Carvey
Kevin Chang
Pia Christothoulou
Maxon Crumb
Anita Degen
Shawn Dodge
Travis Exum
Paul Fly
Mylos Gaffney
Lucca Goldin
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear
Kundry Haberkern
David Heller
Aiden Holmes
Joel Howard
Robin King
Ted Koehn
Mitchell Lane

Mack Luebbe
Shyamala Nanton
Carolina Nobrega
Maya Outhred
Jan Patterson
Doug Powers
Katie Powers
Zander Rasmussen
Russel Redding
Alex Rwamashongye
Raghavi Sakpal
Mehek Sathe
Tej Sathe
Silas Staten-Lusty
Yuly Suvorov
Abigail Swallow
Bill Swann
Anna Telles
Iain Valentine
John Varney
Kavya Yerramilli
Melody Zeng

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