Our Mission

Our mission is to train participants in the sport of modern Olympic fencing and to provide a venue for fencers to develop those skills towards participation in local, regional, national and international competition.

We offer participants the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and competitive recreational sport in a fun and friendly setting.

Our organization is recognized and respected as a nationally and internationally competitive club. Activities and programs have been designed for fencers of all experience levels and ages.  We provide excellent programs for those looking for an introduction to the sport, or the opportunity to compete against nationally and internationally ranked competitors.

Most importantly, the Salle seeks to provide a congenial social environment where members can meet fencers from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Salle Auriol conducts regular open-fencing nights, provides beginning through advanced classes and one on one private instruction.  We host US Fencing sanctioned competitions, and offer teaching and refereeing clinics. Salle Auriol also provides cross-training opportunities with conditioning classes, weights, and cardiovascular machines.


Salle Auriol is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax deductible corporation run by a volunteer board of directors with the assistance of a number of dedicated officers, class instructors and program coordinators.

All class fees and membership dues are used to operate and improve the Salle and its programs for the benefit of the participants.

Salle Auriol is a member club of the United States Fencing Association, which is a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee.