25 Salle Auriol members participated at the December North American Cup in Cincinnati and we earned 10 medals. Jan Patterson won his 7th gold medal in a row, we medaled in every veteran women’s epee category and Mack Luebbe earn his first national medal. Congratulations to all who represented Salle Auriol!

SAS Participants:
Bonnie Aher
Davis Carvey
Anita Degen
Monica Exum
Pam Guntrum
Kundry Haberkern
Aiden Holmes
Zekai Huang
Robin King
Ted Koehn
Mack Luebbe
Jenner Mandel
Blanca Marentes

Monica Morrison
Shyamala Nanton
Jan Patterson
Doug Powers
Russ Redding
Raghavi Sakpal
Carola Schmid
Silas Staten-Lusty
Yuly Suvorov
Bill Swann
Anna Telles
John Varney

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