Getting Ready to Move

This weekend we'll be prepping to move out of the current salle.  

Early next week is debris removal from the new salle.

We will be needing volunteers to help break down the current salle to prep for moving.  We will mostly be unscrewing and rolling up strips.  I would propose we start around 9 on Saturday, and will see how it goes.  We'll probably still have to do some work on Sunday, but maybe we'll start a little later.  We have a few, but if you have corded drills/screwdrivers, they would come in handy.  Oh, and extension cords.

Early next week, probably Monday day or evening, we will have a dumpster at the new salle and we will be loading debris into it.

Please email to let me know if you can do some work in either situation.

Also, remember to sign up for the for the volunteer mailing list here to keep posted on future projects.