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Maitre d’Armes: $10,000 +

You have mastered all three weapons. You train many champions. Your club is well-respected for its skilled fencers and good sportsmanship. You are admired by all.

Coach: $5001 - $9,999

You are so enthusiastic about fencing you decide to share the love.  You think back to when you took a class and fondly remember your TA.

A: $2501 - $5000

You now have all the skills and are often found on the finals strip. You travel to NACs and hang out with some of the best people ever.

B: $1001 - $2500

You master the Tactical Wheel and have many tools in your tool belt. Many a medal has adorned your chest.

C: $501 - $1000

You understand the many nuances of fencing. You can adjust your bladework and footwork to your opponents fencing style.

D: $201 - $500

Your basic skills continue to improve, occasionally you do the right actions at the right time and right distance. You begin to call yourself a fencer.

E: $1 - $200

You have taken some classes, you have your own gear, you beat and parry, advance and retreat, sometimes you remember to riposte and to lunge.

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Donald Penner
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