Salle Auriol was well represented at the Division Championships this weekend.

In Men's Epee, Yuly Suvorov and Jay Slater both tied for the bronze medal.

In Men's Sabre, Jeff Rockas and Gabe Braun both tied for a bronze while Andre Varnado was this year's division champion.

In Women's Epee it was an all SAS finals. Sofia Simontov and Kundry Haberkern tied for a bronze medal. Susan Fredendall is bringing back a silver medal and Alaina Floyd is the 2014 division champion! This also secured the 3-weapon championship trophy for Sofia. 

In Women's Foil, Alaina Floyd finished 3rd for another bronze medal finish while Sofia Simontov secured the gold and another SAS division title.

In Women's Sabre, it was another SAS sweep. Alaina Floyd and Sofia Simontov tied for a bronze medal each. Abigail Swallow won a silver medal while Lindsay Stapleton was the top place finisher and this year's division champion. 

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