The 2014 SIV Cup was a great success for Salle Auriol fencers. See the full results online here:

We also posted the videos for all of the semi-final and final bouts here:

In men's epee, Travis Exum took the bronze medal. Russel Redding was the top finisher in the 60+ age group

In men's foil, Michael Chin and Bill Nary tied for the bronze, both renewing their C ratings for 2014. Jan Patterson was the top finisher in the 60+ age group.

In men's sabre, Jeff Rockas secured the SIV Cup trophy for Salle Auriol Seattle with his gold medal performance. 

In women's epee, Carola Scmid and Anna Telles tied for a bronze medal. Monica Exum earned a silver medal, losing by a single touch in the gold medal match.

In women's foil, Kerry Schaefer received a bronze medal, Pam Guntrum took the silver, and Monica Morrison earned a gold medal and the SIV Cup trophy.

In women's sabre, Robin King had the top finish with a gold medal and another SIV Cup trophy for the salle.