This weekend, we were host to our first tournament in the new Salle Auriol Seattle. The Leon Auriol open is our namesake event after our very own fencing master. You can view the full results for the 2014 event online here.

In the Mixed Epee event, Yuly Suvorov won the bronze medal after a loss to Walter Dragonetti.

In the Mixed Sabre event, Gabe Braun had the top performance of the day and won the Leon Auriol Cup. Alex Fosado and David Rule both tied for the bronze medal.

In the Womens' Epee event, Alaina Floyd's third place finish was good for a bronze medal.

In the Women's Foil event, Sofia Simontov secured the Leon Auriol Cup for SAS with a 1st place showing at the event.


In the Women's Sabre event, Blanca Marentes kept the Leon Auriol cup at the salle with her finish over Erin Shea who won a silver medal. Kammy Yedor won the bronze.