The first national circuit event of the 2014-2015 season was in Portland, OR this weekend. Take a look at how the Salle Auriol Seattle crew handled the competition.

View the full results online here.

Div I Men's Sabre

Gabe Braun - 98th
Nikita Sakhanenko - 124th
George Rockas - 133rd

Cadet Women's Foil

Sofie Simontov - 44th

Div I Women's Epee

Alaina Floyd - 71st
Kundry Haberkern - 92nd
Susan Fredendall - 123rd

Div I Men's Foil

Iain Valentine - 181st

Div II Men's Epee

Joel Howard - 93rd

Div I Men's Epee

Jay Slater - 83rd
John Varney - 241

Cadet Women's Sabre

Kammy Yedor - 86th
Abigail Swallow - 91st

Cadet Men's Sabre

David Rule - 44th
Alex Fosado - 62nd
Tariq Karam - 85th
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear - 134th
Maxon Crumb - 139th

Div II Men's Foil

Joel Howard - 99th
David Gadbois - 106th

Div II Men's Sabre

Alex Fosado - 33rd
George Rockas - 43rd
David Rule - 53rd
Tariq Karam - 78th
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear - 108th

Div II Women's Sabre

Sandra Lince - 58th

Team Men's Sabre - 6th
Team Women's Epee - 7th