Salle Auriol Seattle has 39 fencers competing at Summer Nationals in Columbus, OH this year.

Summer Nationals is consistently the largest fencing tournament in the world. June 28 - July 7th and will have more than 5,400 competitors from 48 states and 20 nations and is expected to be the largest edition of the tournament in USA Fencing history.

If you are in Columbus you can find the banner near T pod. You can also follow live results online.

Bonnie Aher
Anderson Bull
Laura Carlucci
Davis Carvey
Andrew Craswell
Mylos Gaffney
Lucca Goldin
Nina Goldin
Sebastian Grathwol-Sear
Kundry Haberkern
Aiden Holmes
Spencer Hoselton
Wyatt Kaufman
Robin King
Ted Koehn
Mack Luebbe
Jenner Mandel
Monica Morrison
Shyamala Nanton
Carolina Nobrega

Aaron Page
Rocco Pampena
Jan Patterson
Greg Peng
Doug Powers
Zander Rasmussen
Russ Redding
Mehek Sathe
Tej Sathe
Carola Schmid
Silas Staten-Lusty
Yuly Suvorov
Bill Swann
Anna Telles
Iain Valentine
Kavya Yerramilli
Tejas Yerramilli
Cindy Zeng
Melody Zeng