Fencing concluded today at the Reno-Sparks convention center for the March Vet North American Cup and Division I national championship events. 

Yesterday, Jennifer Devore started the day in Vet-40 Women's epee with a 1 - 3 record in pools. All three of her losses were 4 - 5! Underdog in DE's, she upset 6th seed Sandra Marchant 10 - 8 to secure her top 8 finish and medal. She lost to eventual gold medalist Michele Chimienti by a single touch to finish 7th overall.

In Vet-50 Women's Epee, Jenner Mandel was 2 - 4 in her pool. She lost a close bout 8 - 10 with the number one seed to finish 29th overall.

Vet-60 Women's Epee saw Anna Telles, Kerry Schaefer, and Linda Slater fencing for the salle. In pools, Anna went 3 - 2, Kerry went 2 - 3, and Linda went 2 - 4. They finished 9th, 12th, and 14 respectively.

Wrapping it up today, Anna, Jennifer, Jenner, and Linda all fenced in the combined Vet Women's Epee event.  In pools, Anna finished 4 - 2, Jennifer went 5 - 1, Jenner has a 3 - 3 record, and Linda was 0 - 6. Their final placements  were 14th, 17th, 34th, and 41st.

In Vet Men's Epee, George Raush and David Gadbois were joined by Bill Swann. In pools, George went 6 - 0 and was the number one seed for direct elimination. David went 1 - 5 and Bill went 0 - 6. George went through DEs all the way to the gold medal match where he eventually went out to Walter Dragonetti. Congrats on the silver, George! David and Bill finished 32nd and 47th. 

in the final event, Monica Morrison, Pam Guntrum, and Kerry Schaefer fenced in the combined Vet Women's Foil. In pools, Monica was 3 - 3,. Pam and Kerry were both 0 - 5. They placed 14th, 23rd, and 25th overall.