Salle Auriol Seattle traveled to Reno, NV this weekend to compete in the veteran North American Cup event and the Division I National Championship event.

Gabe Braun got us started with Division I Men's Sabre. In his first appearance in the event, he finished 2 - 4 in his pool. He missed the cut for the direct elimination round by just two touches to finish 45th. Congrats Gabe!

In Vet-60 Men's Epee, Coach Russel Redding finished 1 - 4 in the pool round with two 4 - 5 losses. He won his first DE bout 10 - 1 before going out to Olympian John Moreau. Russel finished 31st.

In the combined Vet Men's Foil, world team member Jan Patterson started off the day 2 - 4 in his pool. Doug Powers went 1 - 5. Iain Valentine finished his pool 2 - 3. David Gadbois went 1 - 4. After Jan met Doug in the first round of direct elimination, Jan finished 28th and Doug finished 37th. Iain finished 25th while David finished 30th.

In the combined Vet Women's Sabre, Robin King finished her pool 2 - 4. She cruised through to the top 16 where she lost a close bout 7-10 against the number 1 seed Frauke Berman from Manhattan to place 15th overall.

In the first afternoon event, George Raush finished his pool for Vet-40 Men's Epee 2 - 3. He went on to finish 19th

 In Vet-50 Men's Epee, Michael Chin started off 2 - 4 in his pool and world team member John Varney went undefeated with a staggering 6 - 0 record. In direct elimination, Michael finished 44th after a close bout with Bela Suveg from Dynamo Fencing in Vancouver, Canada. John sailed through his bouts all the way until the round of 8. He finished 5th place and secured the first medal for SAS of the weekend. Congrats John!

In Vet-60 Women's Foil Pam Guntrum and Kerry Schaeffer went 2 - 2 and 0 - 4 in their pools, respectively. Pam finished 9th while Kerry finished 13th.

In the last event of the day, Monica Morrison finished 5 - 1 in the pool round. Her high seeding earned her a bye through the first round. She then went on to make the finals stand with our second medal and a 6th place finish,

Congrats all around to everyone who competed today. You can view the full results this weekend online at usfencingresults,org.