On Saturday, President of the Board Marshall Hibnes held a membership meeting for the salle. Here's a list of important topics from the meeting.

  • If you are participating in open fencing outside of a class or taking an individual lesson with a coach, you will be required to wear full fencing attire including fencing pants. 
  • There is absolutely no parking available in the covered area under the building
  • Salle Auriol Seattle is seeking people interested in taking on equipment repairs for the club and for members. This would be a paid position.
  • The salle has a hired cleaning crew that comes in once a week, but members still need to keep all of their equipment including water bottles in their locker.
  • The salle will host a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Contact Marshall for more information.
  • The salle will be closed on 11/26, 11/27, 12/24. 12/25, and 12/31.
  • On Sunday 11/29, there will be a veteran practices and a meeting. The cost to attend practice is $10, the meeting is free. Epee practice will run from 10 - 12. The meeting will run from 12 - 1. Foil practice will run from 1 - 3.
  • The salle will provide memorial arm bands to those who want them to show respect for Maitre Auriol while we compete in Baltimore at the NAC. Ask a staff member for yours.

Facility Improvements

  • A contractor is being hired to finish the walls and trim the doorways on the second floor.
  • 1st floor construction begins March 1st, 2016. The landlord has provided the unit rent-free for 60 days from that date.
  • Construction on the first floor will utilize a combination of volunteer labor and additional contractors. Tasks for volunteer labor are likely to include demolition and painting.
  • An amenities survey is available to provide feedback for what members would like to see most in the new available space.
  • With both floors, the total space available for the salle will be ~13.500 s.f.

Financial Notes

  • The salle has as much as $100,000 dollars available for construction and improvement efforts. 
  • Salle Auriol Seattle is currently averaging between $18,000 - $20,000 dollars revenue per month.
  • 2015 so far has seen a positive 20% growth in revenue over 2014 membership fees AND the donations that were made as a fundraising effort for Salle IV construction. 
  • 2016 projected costs and revenue will not require additional membership fees.