Rain City hosted the 2015 Battle in Seattle ROC this past weekend and SAS fencers were out in force. For full results, be sure to check out the results page on askFred here:


The Veteran events were up first with some Friday night fencing. In the Vet Mixed Foil event Jan Patterson brought home the silver medal with his second place finish. Joel Howard also made the top 8 with a 6th place finish.

In Vet Mixed Sabre Robin King tied for third and received the bronze medal.

Epee was the largest of the vet events, and split their entrees between the men and women. In Vet Men's Epee John Varney and George Raush squared off in the semi-finals. Varney made his way to the finals where he lost to Michael Mehall. Varney's received a silver medal for his showing while Raush received the bronze.

In the women's epee event, Anna Telles and Jennifer Devore both tied for third and each received a bronze medal.


On Saturday, the day started with the women's foil event. Sofie Simontov only dropped 1 bout in pools and went on to make the final 8. This finish qualifies Sofie to return to the Division I-A national championships where she also made the final 8 last season.

In the afternoon, the Men's epee event was underway. Men's epee had 89 participants, and Jay Slater was at forefront with his top 8 finish. This finish renews Jay's A rating for 2015 and qualifies him for the Division I-A national championships.

On Sunday, it was the women's sabre event securing the hardware for the salle. Abigail Swallow and Erin Shea both made the top 8 at the event. This earned both ladies a D rating and qualfied them for the Division I-A, Division II, and Division III national championship events!

Special shoutout to High Desert Fencing Alliance fencer Jack Parkey who is currently training with Salle Auriol and made the top 8 in the Men's sabre this weekend as well!