Introduction to ParaFencing


Saturday November 9th
1:00 - 3:00 pm


A demonstration and trial of parafencing! See what parafencing is like and take a lesson with one of our fencing coaches.


This is a free trial, but please pre-register online if you plan to attend.

About Parafencing

Parafencing is an exciting adaptive sport that is part of the summer Paralympic Games. Athletes compete in wheelchairs that are fixed in a frame, limiting the movement of the chair. They are placed at a fixed distance, which is determined by the fencer with the shorter reach and fencers have the freedom to move the upper body to lean, avoid, and lunge in their chairs.

The main object of parafencing is the same as in any other fencing competition. The first fencer to score 15 points (direct elimination) or five points (preliminary pool play) against the opponent wins. A point is awarded each time a fencer touches the opponent in the target area. Direct elimination matches consist of three three-minute periods. 

Individuals with a permanent physical disability (in a wheelchair or not), are eligible to participate in parafencing.

Internationally, competition is held in all three weapons – epee, foil and saber – with athletes competing in A, B and C classifications which is based upon mobility classification.  “A” for the most mobile athletes to “C”, the least mobile athletes. Category C is not contested at the Paralympic Games.

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